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360 Video

A 360 video is the recording of a scene in all directions and in real time. Allowing the viewer to watch the video on his computer, tablet or smartphone, control the point of view direction and the display speed. The viewer can use the mouse or other device to look up, down, and to the sides. The viewer can access all points of view and becomes an active part of the video as it chooses where to look.

The video 360 breaks the plane that until now had limited us, offering a freedom of 360 degrees.

To see what we can do for you on 360 video, we invite you to click on the button and visit the section on our website

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Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are an easy, fun and interactive way of seeing a space in all directions with just moving the mouse, through “spherical panoramic photographs”, which allow you to observe the space photographed at 360ºx180º.

Our virtual visits can be customized completely to the liking of the client, for more information on the possibilities of customization, I recommend that you see the specific section of our website by pressing the button.

Fotografía 360 para hoteles y restaurantes en Barcelona por Alex Edo Photography

Customized virtual tours allow you to incorporate videos, logos, menus and all kinds of interactive information to the virtual tour. This customization allows us to give each customer a unique experience.

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Google Streetview

Users of your website, social networks and anyone looking for the name of your business on Google, will be able to visit your facilities virtually at all times. It will be like having a showcase open 24 hours a day in front of thousands of potential customers who are looking for your services or products.

If your business differs in the facilities it offers, let everyone know you with Google Street View Trusted, you will have a tool working 24 hours a day to promote your business and make it stand out in the searches.

Visita virtual Streetview de Encinares del Sur por Alex Edo Photography en Barcelona

Improve the first impression that your business will take with a Google Street View Trusted virtual visit. Bring your business to another level and increase your visibility online with virtual tours

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Portrait sessions for all occasions. We put all our art at your service to provide the best portrait. We can work both in studio and abroad. We also move to your home. We carry out portrait sessions, model books, gift portraits, study sessions. We have a wide offer to be able to meet your expectations to the fullest.

Sesiones de retrato en Barcelona exteriores por Alex Edo Photography

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Industrial and Product

We carry out Industrial and product photography. We can carry out all kinds of products, both in our facilities and in the client’s facilities. We have already worked for important brands and we know how to produce the images you need for your catalog, app or website. We take care of both the taking of photography and the subsequent edition prior to the delivery of the material.

Fotografía industrial en Barcelona por Alex Edo Photography

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Real estate

We emphasize your property on those of the competition, you just have to see our examples and what you can find in any real estate portal. Do not leave the photos of a home in the hands of a fan, unless you do not want to sell it, of course;) Trust our results we are professionals. If you want your property to stand out, contact us.

Trabajos fotográficos para negocios inmobiliarios en Barcelona por Alex Edo Photography

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